Governance & Nomination Committee

The Corporate Governance & Nomination Committee is comprised of:

Ann Labelle (Chair)
Mike Cinnamond
Michael Gray

The Corporate Governance & Nomination Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities with respect to corporate governance standards, policies and practices. Corporate governance processes and structures define the division of power among shareholders, the Board and management and can have on impact on other stakeholders such as employees, suppliers and communities and establish appropriate authority and accountability.

The Governance & Nomination Committee

  1. identifies corporate governance standards and practices applicable to the Company and monitors new developments in corporate governance, and makes recommendations to the Board periodically;
  2. monitors the ongoing application of the Company’s corporate governance principles;
  3. periodically reviews and makes recommendations to the Board on the Articles of the Company, corporate governance principles, the Disclosure Policy, the Board of Directors’ Mandate and the Charters of the Board Committees;
  4. assists the Board in reviewing and approving disclosure with respect to corporate governance practices required to be included in regulatory filings and the annual management Information Circular; and
  5. assists the Board in reviewing and approving any other corporate governance practices disclosure before publicly disclosed by the Company based on advice from its legal and accounting advisors.

In addition, this committee assist with:

  • the composition and operation of the Board and Board committees;
  • the appointment of the CEO; the assessment of the performance and the compensation of the CEO.

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