Respect and Sustainability

HighGold is committed to protecting and benefitting the communities in which we operate

People – We cultivate a culture of respect for our employees, communities and partners

Environment – We conduct exploration in a manner that is protective of the natural environment

Sustainability – Our goal is to be an ethical source of critical minerals essential for our society

Legacy – We promote health and economic prosperity now and for future generations

 “CIRI is excited to work with HighGold Mining on the Johnson Tract project. CIRI prides itself on projects that deliver economic benefits to our shareholders while respecting and preserving the land. With the HighGold Team’s excellent reputation for responsible mineral exploration and development activities, we know we have chosen the ideal partner.” 

Sophie Minich, CIRI President and CEO

President & CEO Darwin Green

President & CEO Darwin Green

The HighGold team has a long history of responsible exploration in Alaska. Company President and CEO, Darwin Green was the recipient of the Commissioner’s Special Recognition Award for Project Excellence in Advanced Mineral Exploration (2008). The award, presented by Tom Irwin, Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, was created in recognition of “outstanding achievement in conducting a complex underground exploration program and for diligence, perseverance, and determination to do-it-right”


HighGold Mining operates in Alaska, USA.


The Alaska Native village of Ninilchik (900 pop.) is the closest community to HighGold’s Johnson Tract project, located 40 miles on the opposite side of Cook Inlet. Anchorage (300,000 pop.), the closest city, is located 125 miles to the northeast.  The Johnson Tract project is situated on lands owned by Cook Inlet Region Inc (CIRI), one of 12 land-based Alaska Native Regional Corporations created by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. CIRI is owned by approximately 9,000 shareholders of Alaska Native decent.

Environmental Governance

HighGold prioritizes environment, social responsibility and good governance (ESG) at every level of the Company.

The Technical and Sustainability committee established by the Board of Directors will define and oversee these aspects of the Company to ensure we are meeting our commitments with actions. The committee benefits from members with broad knowldege and experience in ESG matters.

Next Steps

HighGold's projects are at varying stages of advencement. The Company's Ontario gold projects at the early exploration stage, where our work is focused on making discoveries of brand new deposits. This work is high risk (statistically the odds are against making a discover that leads to a mine) but comes with high reward if successful (potential to create significant value if a discovery is made). Our exploration work in Ontario consists of geophysical surveys, geological mapping and prospecting, and exploration drilling.

At the Alaska Johnson Tract project, a deposit was discovered and explored between 1982 and 1995. This project then lay dormant with no activity until HighGold initiated exploration work in 2019. Johnson Tract is considered a mid-stage exploration project, meaning that a deposit has been discovered but more work is required to both expand and better understand it. HighGold is currently in the exploration phase with a focus on both expanding the size of the deposit and conducting reconnaissance exploration on the surrounding property with the objective of discovering peripheral zones or other deposits of mineralization. The work will include prospecting, mapping, rock and soil sampling, geophysical surveys, exploration drilling in addition to cultural and environmental studies.

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